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Bed / Stretcher Lift

We possess expertise in designing and manufacturing a sturdy range of stretcher lifts that can fit in a stretcher or medical equipment with convenience. These lifts are suitable for hospitals and nursing homes and are offered to our clients in standard as well as customized forms.


Practical and energy saving: Hosting Bed Lift adopts the mature control technology with the energy-saving and environmental protection permanent amgnet synchronous and grearless traction system.

Caring and comfortable: Its design satisfies the various special use and requirements in the hospital to the greatest extent. It creates a caring and comfortable space for the patients.

VVVF Technology: Hosting Bed Lift uses the Variable Voltage and Variable Frequency (VVVF) inverter control technology, which creates the smooth lift start and brake. It effectively reduces the accidental trouble.

Layout Drawing and Technical Parameters;

Bed lift with Geared Machine

Bed lift with Gearless Machine


Passenger lift's Cabin

HM-982 HM-983
HM-2002-6 HM-2005-1

Observation Cabins

HM-508A HM-539
HM-518 HM-511A




NHD-101 NHD-102
HM-727 HM-715