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Observation / Capsule Lift

Extensively used in shopping malls and other modern buildings, our range of panoramic lifts or capsule lifts are made from transparent material to provide a view of the outer side of the lift. Offered in standard and customized forms, these lifts are available in one side, three side, five side and circular panels.


Comfortable and steady ride: With personalized design and intelligent conrtol technology, you will feel more comfortable during the ride.

Noble and elegant: With advance technology and excellent decoration materials used, elegant and attractive color, a spectacular and beautiful space is created.

Flexible design: We can provide individualized services according to the customer's requirements.

Highe safety and reliability: By using advance and reliable 32-bit microprocessor control technology, with modular design, product fault probability is minimized. With multiple fault protections and emegrgency device,  plus leading elevator door control technology, the elevator runs with higher safety and reliability.

Layout Drawing and Technical Parameters:

Capsule Lift with Geared Machine

Capsule Lift with Gearless Machine

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Passenger lift's Cabin

HM-982 HM-983
HM-2002-6 HM-2005-1

Observation Cabins

HM-508A HM-539
HM-518 HM-511A




NHD-101 NHD-102
HM-727 HM-715