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Passenger Conveyor / Moving Walk


Intelligent control: energy-saving and running at low energy consumption. This escalator is more than 30% energy-saving compared with other common escalators.

Leading configuration:
its main electrical components are imported brand components.

Beautiful appearance:
this escalator has streamline design consistent with the environment and has individualized appearance decoration.

High safety and comfort:
complying with strict EN115/GB16899 safety standards.


Layout Drawing and Specification:

Inclination 10, 11 & 12degree

Inclination 0degree

Passenger Conveyor inclination 10,11&12degree Passenger Conveyor inclination 0degree

Passenger lift's Cabin

HM-982 HM-983
HM-2002-6 HM-2005-1

Observation Cabins

HM-508A HM-539
HM-518 HM-511A




NHD-101 NHD-102
HM-727 HM-715